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Our Vision

Our vision is to unlock the full potential of hologram pyramids. Instead of displaying static structures, we strive to deliver a more dynamic and interactive experience by making the inside appear to be the showplace of a game. To involve the user even more and to avoid clutter that would destroy the holographic effect, an app is developed to provide more advanced interactions. It also acts as an interface for the users to select their characters and equipment through physical playing cards.

Our Team

Martin Braunsperger

SCRUM Master, Developer

Core Game

Adrian Gawor


Website & App

Florian Lechner

Product Owner, Developer, Builder

Core Game & Holo-Pyramid

Fabrizio Tomasetti


Game-Art & 3D Modelling

Our Goals

Core Game

  • Creating a 3D arena game in which 2 to 4 players compete against each other


  • Building a holographic display in the shape of a pyramid
  • All components fit in the casing. Including USB ports on each side for quick and tangle-free controller connection


  • Modelling and implementing 4 different characters into the game
  • Every character can use up to 3 active or passive skills
  • The characters are animated


  • Every character has his own card which describes the character's skills, strengths and properties
  • These cards are implemented as virtual cards in the game, but at some point may also be physical cards which you can scan with the app to choose a character or even items


  • The app shows live statistics for the current game
  • It allows you to scan a card through NFC or QR codes
  • A tutorial for getting started is also contained in the app


  • The tutorial follows these points:
    • Getting familiar with the contents of the game
    • Controlling a character
    • Course of the game
    • Game setup & connection establishment through the app